Windows 10

Microsoft has recently rolled out their latest and probably last desktop operating system and it's the best so far. Even better than Windows 7!

This is the way to get a Windows 10 professional 64 bit edition cheap, in a legal way. Remember, it has to be done before July 29, 2016!

  • Buy a Windows 7 professional 32 bit for example this at Amazon: Windows 7 professional SP1 32bit OEM (Dell branded)
  • Install by the DVD included, or if you like me don't have a DVD player in all computers, copy the DVD to USB for example by converting to ISO and using Rufus
  • Make sure that the Windows 7 license gets activated before moving on. If that includes using Microsoft's telephone activation service, then that's what you have to do! It has to say "genuine" somewhere at the info page.
  • Go to power settings and change to best performance to avoid any trouble with your computer trying to have a nap in the middle of the upgrade process.
  • Go to and press the "upgrade now" button
  • Let Microsoft upgrade your computer to Windows 10 professional 32bit edition
  • Make sure Windows 10 gets activated again and check that this is the case from the info page
  • Go back to and download and install the Media creation tool from Microsoft
  • Download the Windows 10 64-bit edition to a memory stick
  • Install Windows 10 again, as a fresh install. When it gets to the place asking for a license code, just leave it empty. It will then be activated to a 64 bit edition of home or professional, whatever the Win 7 license you bought qualifies you for.
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